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SAS Workshops (SAS BASE, Advance, Projects) Signetsoft is launching SAS WORKSHOPS. The workshops are aimed for those: Who want to improve their SAS skills    Who is looking for hands on training and experience on SAS, Who is planning to change their domain to SAS, Who want to brush up their subject…   In these workshops, we have 3 modules: SAS / BASE SAS/Advanced SAS Project Many people are coming to us and asking for SAS project / hands on experience on SAS coding. And whenever they started working on SAS tasks, they are struggling a lot with lack of subject. Even though they got trained on SAS, they are unable to work on SAS tasks. Here the problem is that they did not learn SAS as a practical subject. The trainers in many training centers, teaching SAS by using some PPT/PDF presentations and giving text book style definitions as notes. But this type of training doesn’t work out to be a SAS programmer. Due to this reason, they are unable to clear S