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What order does PROC SQL do your work? To optimize a Structured Query Language (SQL), the database professional must be friend thisorderand perhaps even embrace it.
The best onlie and class room training center for SAS, Signetsoft, Bangalore.  Who is your best friend? I’m talking about the order in which SQL processes your statements. Simply put, in what order does SQL do your work? (From my previous post you know another SQL rule, the order in which YOU submit statements to SQL.) I just want us to be clear that these are two very different orders.
First up, what makes SQL different from other programming languages? It’s the way SQL processes code. Most programming languages including SAS start at the top of your code and make their way to the bottom. However, SQL processes them in a unique order, known as Logical Query Processing Phase. This phase (also referred to as a clause) generates a series of virtual tables with each virtual table feeding into the next clause or phase.…

SAS Training, SAS BI Training, SAS Training in Bangalore

SAS Training, SAS BI Training, SAS Training in Bangalore, SAS Projects, SAS Clinical Training

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