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The better Way to become THE BEST in SAS

Image   SAS is an analytical tool, programming language, data manipulation tool, reporting tool. So to become the BEST is SAS, need the following: As a  language , it needs practice for logical thinking As an  analytical tool , it needs much practice with multiple case studies As a  data manipulation tool , it needs much practice on case study with real data As a  reporting tool , it needs much practice with multiple reporting scenarios Are all the above needs are possible by the following? Explanation on a white board by a SAS trainer  (who doesn’t have practical expose in the industry) 2 to 24 Hrs of lab facility  (with assistance of a senior student who recently finished his SAS course there itself) One photo copy of the some SAS prescribed book  (like Little SAS, SAS by example etc.) One dummy / sample CV  (to prepare your CV). Sample interview questions  (the same which are available in internet from past 10 years) —NO— It is not a

SAS @ Rs. 9999

SAS Macro to Create/Delete a PC directory SAS ,  SAS Certification ,  SAS interview questions ,  SAS online training ,  SAS projects ,  SAS Training ,  SAS training in bangalore Here’s a SAS macro to Create and Remove a PC Directory… Often we ignore Notes and warning in the SAS log when we try to create/remove a directory that does/doesn’t exist… This macro first checks for the existence of the directory and then create/delete it or else put a message to the SAS log…try it out :-) View sourceprint? /* Macro to Create a directory */ %macro CheckandCreateDir(dir); options noxwait; %local rc fileref ; %let rc = %sysfunc(filename(fileref,&dir)) ; %if %sysfunc(fexist(&fileref)) %then %put The directory "&dir" already exists ; %else %do ; %sysexec mkdir "&dir" ; %if &sysrc eq 0 %then %put The directory &dir has been created. ; %else %put There was a problem while creating the directory &dir; %