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SAS Certification Sample Questions (BASE, Advance, Stat, Clinical,..etc) SAS  Certification Sample Questions and Answers for the following Tests: SAS Base ProgrammingSAS Advanced ProgrammingClinical Trials ProgrammingPredictive Modeling Using SAS Enterprise MinerSAS Statistical Business AnalysisSAS BI Content DevelopmentSAS Visual Analytics Exploration and DesignSAS Data Integration DevelopmentSAS Data Quality StewardSAS Platform Administration 1. SAS BASE Programming Question 1 The following program is submitted. data WORK.TEST; input Name $ Age; datalines; John +35 ; run; Which values are stored in the output data set? Name Age --------------------- John 35 Name Age --------------------- John (missing value) Name Age --------------------- (missing value) (missing value) The DATA step fails execution due to data errors.correct_answer = “A”Question 2 Given the SAS data set WORK.ONE: Id Char1 --- ----- 182 M 190 N 250 O 720 P and …