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Definition of SAS/ACCESS Software

sas  sas bi  sas training  clinical trails  sas clinical  sas course best sas training in bangalore sas interview questions sas bi interview questions signetsoft, sas online training, sas corporate training Definition of SAS/ACCESS SoftwareSAS/ACCESS softwareenables you to read and write data to and from other vendors’ database management systems (DBMS), as well as from some PC file formats. Depending on your DBMS, a SAS/ACCESS product might provide one or more of the following:
 a dynamic LIBNAME engine the SQL Pass-Through Facility the ACCESS procedure and interface view engine the DBLOAD procedure an interface DATA step engine. These interfaces are described in this section. Each SAS/ACCESS product provides one or more of these interfaces for each supported DBMS. See SAS Engines for more information about SAS engines. Note:   To use the SAS/ACCESS features described in this section, you must license SAS/ACCESS software. See the SAS/ACCESS documentation for your DBMS for full documen…